Luke Bryan, the Roots’ Tariq Trotter, and Jimmy Fallon play the “Football Party Patrol” in a Tonight Show skit about game-day eats. Bryan, in a curly blond wig, brings wings and guacamole, Trotter’s got the cheese puffs and balls, but Fallon, in a Seventies ‘stache, apparently didn’t get the memo: he shows up with 15 pounds of fresh cod.

“It’s loaded with Omega-3s, that’s the good fat,” he raps, to which Bryan shoots a dismissive “cool.” Fallon’s not cutting bait though and keeps forcing the fish on his friends. But he gets his feelings hurt when Bryan suggests they toss it in the trash. “If someone brings a dish to a party, you try it,” Fallon demands. “That’s the Party Patrol politeness rule.”

Begrudgingly, the boys take a bite — and naturally all like it. “A football snack fresh from the sea!” Bryan exclaims.

It’s Fallon’s latest wacky sketch involving a country-music mainstay. Last week, he roped in Bryan’s real-life bud Jason Aldean for the musical skit “Hometown Bar,” about the annual tradition of drinking too much on the night before Thanksgiving.

Bryan and Aldean recently celebrated the Nashville opening of their new steakhouse, E3 Chophouse. They’ll reunite in Mexico in January to perform at Bryan’s annual Crash My Playa festival.