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Though he’s been married to her for two years, Scotty McCreery’s known Gabi Dugal, his wife, since kindergarten. Therefore, it stands to reason that they’ve spent significant amounts of time near and around each other. So, while many young couples likely grew tired of each other rather quickly during our now year-plus long COVID-19 quarantine, McCreery and Dugal did not grow antagonized by spending long hours together.

In a recent video post to McCreery’s YouTube channel, the couple shared how they kept their love exciting during the past year.

“Quarantine has taught us how to cook. So that’s good,” Dugal noted. “We’ve done a lot of different things. Steak…salmon is our new big thing with a little lemon pepper,” the 2011 American Idol winner added.

As well, the pair highlighted a shared love of TV program The Bachelor, taking their dog Moose for a walk, wine-tasting, and picnic trips to the beach and mountains as their other favorite pastimes.

In a 2017 CMT interview, McCreery noted, “She’s a rock for me and understands me like nobody else. And she’s really been there through thick and thin with me, and she’s just awesome. I can’t say enough nice things about her. She’s another grounding force for me.”

McCreery’s also been musically busy during quarantine too. 2020 saw his single “You Time” reach the top-40 of Billboard’s Country Airplay charts. In February 2021, a video was released for the track. As for touring, the platinum-selling artist has dates scheduled throughout the summer, nationwide. Tickets are available by clicking here.