12h ago

“There was all this music we’ve made. I decided I didn’t want to wait for the next album,” says Kenny Chesney in a press release announcing the release of a deluxe version of Here and Now, his current album release. I wanted these four songs to be part of what Here And Now is – making Here And Now Deluxe maybe shows a little bit of a now we never saw coming.”

Four new songs—”Wind On” (penned by Chesney’s CMA Musical Event of the Year collaborator David Lee Murphy), plus “Fields of Glory,” “My Anthem” and “Streets” join current hit “Knowing You” in a retooled collection from the eight-time CMA Entertainer of the Year award winner.

Quarantine and the music industry unique modern creative landscape inspired his decision to create a deluxe version of his 19th studio album. “I have always loved songs and songwriters, being in the studio with the most creative people. But over the last year, as much as I’ve loved making music – I always have, I’ve realized how much I truly live and breathe songs,” says the “Setting The World On Fire” singer.

“The rules have been rewritten and rewritten. How we make music, deliver music, consume music, and they’ll probably keep changing,” Chesney notes. “There’s a freedom in that for guys like me, who love writing, hearing great songs, looking for more where there’s already so much. The idea of adding songs was unheard of a few years ago; now it’s ‘When do you want to release it?’”

His final statement adds a poignant note to his new release:

“But for all that freedom, one thing doesn’t change: a great song is a great song, friends are something you can’t buy and we are all united when we sing along.”