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Time did not fly while we’ve been waiting for this much Fun.

That is the title of Garth Brooks’ upcoming 12th studio album, due out on Nov. 20. But we have been here for it for more than two years.

Because way back in June of 2018, Brooks released the hit song “All Day Long,” which he said would be on his next album. So now, at long last, that album is ready. As is his live album Triple Live Deluxe, which will be released on Nov. 20 as well.

The 14-track Fun will have collaborations with Blake Shelton and with Trisha Yearwood. And Triple Live Deluxe covers three years of his World Tour and his Stadium Tour.

“The title of the album was sparked because making it has been such a fun process to go through. Being able to go in and out of the studio while being on the tour, working with the same guys,” Brooks said, “it’s been amazing.”

FUN is dropping 11/20! Join me for a LIVE preview of the new album this Wednesday at 7pm ET! We ALL need some #FUN!!!! love, g

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— Garth Brooks (@garthbrooks) October 19, 2020

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