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There are a few familiar faces in Miranda Lambert’s outdoorsy new music video for “Settling Down.” There is her horse Gibson, one of her rescue dogs Delta Dawn, and her real-life love interest, her husband Brendan McLoughlin.

In a recent radio interview with New York’s Country 94.7, Lambert said that this was the first time she has had a real-life love interest play the love interest in one of her music videos.

“I’ve never had a video in 18 years in the business with a love interest, and so it’s kinda funny that my husband’s my first one. I’m like, ’You’re cute, you’re here, and you’re free.’ It was fun,” Lambert said. “He did such a great job, and our little dog is in it, and our ponies. It’s at my magical, happy place an hour away from Nashville.”

Her story checks out. Since Lambert’s very first video for her debut single “Me and Charlie Talking” in 2004, she has gone on to release 27 more videos. And until this one, she has never had a boyfriend/fiance/husband starring in a video with her in any of these videos:

“Bring Me Down”


“New Strings”

“Famous in a Small Town”

“Gunpowder & Lead”

“More Like Her”

“Dead Flowers”

“White Liar”

“The House That Built Me”

“Only Prettier”

“Heart Like Mine”

“Baggage Claim”

“Over You”

“Fastest Girl in Town”

“Mama’s Broken Heart”

“All Kinds of Kinds”


“Somethin’ Bad”

“Little Red Wagon”

“Smokin’ and Drinkin’”


“We Should Be Friends”

“Tin Man”

“Keeper of the Flame”

“It All Comes Out in the Wash”


“The ‘Settling Down’ video is very personal to me because it was filmed at my farm, and my husband got to be in the video with me,” Lambert shared in a press release. “My mom always called me a wild child and a homing pigeon. I always have an itch to find a new adventure, but I’m also always ready to walk through my front door.

I feel like a lot of people feel that way, and ‘Settling Down’ tells the story of being caught between those two feelings.” Lambert and McLoughlin tell that very story with a little bit of fishing, horseback riding, hammock napping and slow dancing in their kitchen.

Lambert penned the song with Natalie Hemby and Luke Dick, and Trey Fanjoy directed the video.

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