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You may know their names and their music, but you’ve probably never seen Logan Mize and Clare Dunn together like this. In their respective comfort zones, doing all the things that led them to country music in the first place. And now, with their “Get ’Em Together” collaboration, they have enough true country grit under their belts to pull this off.

The song was penned by Dallas Davidson, Mark Holman, Ben Hayslip and Justin Wilson, but it’s Mize and Dunn who bring it to life — over CB radio — in their brand new video.

The two artists told about the path that led them here, and how the joint effort came to be. Dunn moved from Colorado to Nashville to start at Belmont University, and Mize moved from Kansas to Nashville in 2006 to start his job as a truck driver. After meeting and hitting it off, the two artists decided to take their friendship to the next level: a collaboration. Before you collaborated on this new song, how did the two of you first become friends?

Mize: We were around each other a lot starting around 2014, when we both had songs doing well on SiriusXM. I think the first show we did together was in Laughlin, Nevada and we were the openers on the bill with Dierks Bentley.

Dunn: Just running into each other out on the road, playing shows and then working on this video and song as well. The fact that we both grew up in similar settings — he’s from western/southwestern Kansas and I’m from neighboring southeast Colorado — really made it easy to connect as well. We can talk anything from music, to market reports, to weather, to tractors, harvest, etc. That’s really nice to have that in common with another artist in Nashville. And so then how did this collaboration first come about?

Mize: I recorded the song and decided it needed to be a duet. I was talking to Clare back in February, and tossed the idea out.

Dunn: I was sitting in Carla Wallace’s office one day and she was catching me up on all the badass things Logan was doing and she played me this song. I was head bobbing the whole time and just freaking loved it! Just cheering Logan on, ya know? Then a couple days later Logan and I were catching up and I mentioned how badass he sounded on that song. And he said he’d been wondering about it being a duet and if I would be interested — to which of course I was like, “Hell, yeah. Sign me up!” And the rest is history. Did you manage to shoot the entire video in just one day and night?

Dunn: Damn straight we did! I’ve been hanging out in Colorado on the ranch during 2020, so I drove over to Logan’s farm in Kansas — not far, about four or five hours away. I think we got started around 2:00 p.m., and we were wrapped by dark. We shot with a small crew who really worked their tails off. Everyone involved just hustled so hard and I think that “go, go, go” type of energy made it even more fun for Logan and I. There was no waiting around on set. We all were just having fun, and I think that really shows in the final product Where was it shot, because it looks like you had to shut down some rural roads and rent an entire farm for the entire day?

Mize: We shot the daytime scenes at my place here in Kansas, just out on the road in front of the house. I live on a dirt road that gets maybe two or three tractors down it a day, so we didn’t have to worry about shutting down roads. The performance shots were at the Mount Hope, Kansas farmers co-op which is about six miles or so from the house. I can see it from my front porch. I just called up there and asked if we could film a music video in front of the grain elevator and they seemed real happy to have us.

Dunn: Since Logan and I actually both come from big farming areas we didn’t have to rent anything. We shot on his wife’s family farm in Kansas, and then Logan is friends with the local grain elevator folks so they let us shoot the performance scenes there which was really nice of them — and I’m sure Logan’s hauled many a load of grain into that place before. For the driving scenes we didn’t have to shut down any roads, it’s pretty rural out there anyway, but since we both can drive trucks we just drove around on the dirt roads and towns around there so we just drove with the flow of “traffic” and the film crew did their magic. Easiest day of truck driving in my life! Speaking of magic, how did it feel to finally see the finished product for the first time?

Mize: I got so caught up in trying to pull off the logistics of shooting the whole thing in one afternoon that I got tunnel vision, and by the end of the day it was all a blur. So when I saw the first edit come back I felt a great sense of accomplishment.

Dunn: Oh man, I just absolutely loved it! I just loved this thing top to bottom and side to side the first time I saw it. I thought they captured Logan and I so well, and they captured the energy of the song, where we’re from, us as entertainers, and the performance scene! Ahhhh my absolute fave! I was really grateful to get to show our roots and where we come from in the video because our roots play a big part in our music. So getting to show that for the first time in a video for me was really amazing. Who directed the video?

Mize: When we first moved back to Kansas, my wife (country singer Jill Martin) shot a music video for a song she had called “Loretta,” and she hired her cousin Jordan Horsch to shoot it. I hadn’t used Jordan for any of my stuff at that point, but after I saw what he did with Jill’s video I couldn’t believe what he was able to capture with just him and a camera. I started using him for all of my videos, and we kind of have a system down where I just start throwing ideas at him and he helps put it all together. It was great to have Clare around, too, so we could get her input. Between Jordan and his partner Mackenzie on another camera, and then Clare and myself, we just put it all together ourselves. What do you remember most about the day (and night) you shot this video?

Mize: Syncing up those high kicks with Clare!

Dunn: Oh man, just how much fun it was! Not only fun to be back behind the wheel of a truck shifting gears, but also to perform and cut up with Logan. I think from the jump off it was fun and easy because we both grew up around farms and both come from the same part of the world and now we’re both out here chasing our country and western dreams. How does the video bring your song to life?

Dunn: I think it shows our roots and the spirit of the song. We both grew up doing what we’re doing in the video: driving semis and hauling grain into elevators for harvest. The only difference was growing up, instead of flatbed trailers like in the video, we had grain trailers hooked on with several tons of grain in them. And instead of being all slicked up in cool outfits we were probably both were covered in dirt, grease, and wheat dust. What message do you hope your fans take away from the video?

Dunn: That no matter where or how you grow up, if you work hard and always do the right thing, you can get where you want to be. Follow your heart and your vision — that’s what makes us each unique.