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Sometimes a song is more than the sum of its parts. Such is the case of “Mercy,” Kathleen Regan’s new single with a just-debuting video.

The folksy power-pop ballad tells “a very real story” for her, about being made to feel “really, really small” by a man in Nashville’s music industry. “This is, unfortunately, not the only story of this kind,” she continues. Ultimately, the video’s sad and heavy, yet still, hopeful energy serves as a reparational salve for Regan’s wounds. “I wanted this video to feel powerful like I was reminding this man that what he made me feel wasn’t permanent.”

Regan highlights photographer Meg McCauley’s creative involvement with the video, shot in the middle of a field in Franklin, Tennessee. With her aid, the young artist could “bring masculine energies to [herself],” via messy, colorful paint spread on a canvas, plus angry eye contact.

“I really wanted the audience to feel what I felt when I wrote this song and the very real place it comes from. This video is a wave of true feeling, and I hope the audience can feel that,” she tells CMT.

“Forgiveness is a process, and it takes time to heal and understand your feelings,” writes the Nashville-based Regan. Inspiring empathy and mental strength messages are what she hopes viewers take away from the video and song. “I hope anyone watching this video remembers to be kind to themselves. Be encouraged through your process.”