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Kenny Chesney fans know the superstar is every bit as passionate about sports as he is about his music. In 2010, Chesney even released the documentary Boys of Fall, which delves into the life lessons that are learned through team sports and features interviews with John Madden, Nick Saban, Troy Aikman, Peyton Manning and more.

During a recent interview with Bobby Bones on The Bobby Bones Show, Chesney credited his father, who also coached, with spurring his own passion for sports. Chesney and Bones discussed what it is like to grow up to become friends with some of your childhood idols, whether they are sports figures or music icons.


“I have my musical heroes, Joe Walsh I had become friends,” Chesney said. “We also lost a lot of people in COVID over the last year, but to think you are in high school just trying to learn guitar form Eddie Van Halen, just listening to all the licks on the records, and then becoming friends with someone like that. I have a lot of those people in sports. My dad was a coach and he’s the reason I am so passionate about sports.”

Chesney said that when he met many iconic sports figures through doing the Boys of Fall project, he realized that many sports figures respect music superstars just as much as music artists respect athletes.

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“When I did the Boys of Fall film several years ago I got to really know John Madden and Bobby Bowden. I got to know Nick Saban and I got to know Brett Favre and I got to know all these people you would see on TV every Saturday and Sunday. Since then, over the years, so many of those people have come to shows.

“We have these people we look up to and care about in all these sports figures, well they have the same respect for people because they love music also and that’s something that I learned and it was really interesting,” he continued. “You have these people that you really respect and look up to as a child and a young adult and you become friends with them.”

To become a success in industries as competitive as music or sports takes a certain drive, work ethic and passion. Bones asked Chesney if there is a shared trait that helps push certain athletes and music artists to excel in their respective fields.

“Especially with a lot of people that I’ve mentioned, they had pretty humble beginnings,” Chesney said. “They worked really hard and they had a lot of wonderful people around them, and they learned really early on how to achieve something special with a group of people. That’s the way we did it. I have a wonderful family out there on the road and we all get to do it together. ..I think that’s the thing that’s most common with all those people is that they got to achieve a lot of great things together.”

Chesney’s latest music video for “Knowing You” recently premiered on CMT.