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Nashville-based singer-songwriter and current CMT Next Up Now artist Carter Faith has previously noted that the idea for her latest single “Joyride” comes from highlighting the emotions connected to “a young and exciting relationship.” She continues to tell CMT that her latest single, “is a nostalgic daydream,” and “an emotion you’ve felt and want to feel.” For an artist who counts Kacey Musgraves and Taylor Swift amongst her songwriting inspirations, this song’s ability to ground itself with depth and scope in universally connective emotions is par for the course and fulfills expectations.

Regarding the shoot for the video of the track, she says that “getting to run around and dance to my song” while sharing time with a crew that she loves to laugh with, talk to, and have “the best time” were her highlights. “I hope people watch my video and feel transported to a different world but one not so far away, I want them to have fun watching it cause I had so much fun creating it,” she adds.

Faith continues by noting that Running Bear Films’ Alexa and Stephen Kinigopoulos did a great job of both providing a “dreamy feel” to the shoot, while also focusing on highlighting the song’s lyrics. “Take this fast car nowhere slow / Cause, baby, you’re my open road / It don’t matter where we’ve been / It don’t matter where we go / Cause lovin’ you’s a joyride for the soul,” she sings. Bringing to life a song favored by the likes of Carly Pearce and Mickey Guyton to life only expands its hit potential.