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Rock News

The 10 Heaviest Rush Songs

When we previously ranked every Rush song, we overlooked the heaviest moment in the band’s catalog: a slowed-down fan edit of "Working Man." With its creeping tempo, colossal distortion and creepily detuned vocals, it sounds like proto-stoner metal jam — a path left untaken for the revered prog trio.Of course, Rush fans craving heaviness need not resort to studio trickery — the Canadian trio delivered the goods on every album. That fact makes this list more […]

todayMay 23, 2022 2

Rock News

All 22 Yes Music Videos Ranked Worst to Best

Yes’ personnel drama is one of prog’s purest punch lines: the firings and rival factions and awkward Unions. It even extends into their music videos.In the group’s outlandish 1983 clip for "Owner of a Lonely Heart," you’ll catch a few lightning-fast glimpses of keyboardist Eddie Jobson. The virtuoso — who’d previously played with Frank Zappa, Roxy Music, Jethro Tull and prog supergroup U.K. — had recently joined as a potential replacement for […]

todayMay 21, 2022

Rock News

The 10 Heaviest Led Zeppelin Songs

Music doesn't get too much heavier than Led Zeppelin. Especially back in the day, when they practically invented a couple of new genres to define and contain their awesomeness.Sometimes they wrote about less heavy things, like Hobbits and citrus (lemons, tangerines, etc.), but you won't find any of those cuts on our list of the 10 Heaviest Led Zeppelin Songs. These tracks are all about charging Vikings, generations-crippling battles and crumbling levees.And […]

todayMay 20, 2022 3

Rock News

Rock's 40 Best 11th Albums

Making an album is no small feat. Making 11 of them is another matter entirely.For some artists, the work piles up quickly — Bob Dylan's 11th album, New Morning, arrived in 1970, only eight years after his debut recording. The Rolling Stones issued their 11th album, 1973's Goats Head Soup, less than a decade after their 1964 debut.Others have taken a bit more time to get to that point. Robert Plant released his […]

todayMay 16, 2022

Rock News

24 Rock Stars and the Foods They Love

Rock stars may have the money to afford just about anything on the menu, but that doesn't always mean they'll go for the most expensive thing."I swear to God, on my life, that is my favorite meal in the world. I could eat it seven times a day for the rest of my life," said Dave Grohl about a certain low-budget dish that he finds when he travels through the U.K.Other artists […]

todayMay 15, 2022

Rock News

Top 40 Rock Singers

Some singers are born with the subconscious knowledge that they were destined to sing."I always sang as a child," Mick Jagger recounted in According to the Rolling Stones. "I was one of those kids who just liked to sing. Some kids sing in choirs; others like to show off in front of the mirror. I was in the church choir and I also loved listening to singers on the radio – the BBC or Radio Luxembourg – or watching them on TV and […]

todayMay 14, 2022

Rock News

15 of Rock's Most Famous Groupies

Rock history can't be written without groupies.To many outsiders, they were simply a wild indulgence - untamed women who put the sex in “sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.” But to the groupies - as well as the artists - these women were so much more than that. Yes, there was sex - lots of it - but there was also inspiration and exploration that helped musicians unlock deeper artistic expression.From a historical […]

todayMay 7, 2022 2

Rock News

Tom Petty's Heartbreakers: Where Are They Now?

Tom Petty always intended for the Heartbreakers to continue.In 2017, Petty and the band performed a 40th-anniversary tour of North America, and though he had hinted in interviews that his days of large-scale touring might be winding down, there was no mention of retirement. “The thing about the Heartbreakers is it’s still holy to me,” Petty told the Los Angeles Times in 2017.“There’s a holiness there. If that were to go […]

todayMay 5, 2022

Rock News

2022 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Roundtable

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's 2022 class has been announced. Pat Benatar, Duran Duran, Eminem, Eurythmics, Dolly Parton, Lionel Richie and Carly Simon will be enshrined as performers, while Judas Priest get in thanks to the Musical Excellence Award.As has become an annual tradition at UCR, we've asked our writers to weigh in on the latest group of inductees. Which inclusion was the biggest surprise? Who got snubbed? And what will the 2022 Rock & […]

todayMay 4, 2022